Board of Education Regular Meeting
August 27, 2018 7:00 PM
Board Office, Annex Building

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1. Call to Order
2. Silent Devotion & Pledge of Allegiance
3. Student Spotlight/ BCHS
4. Superintendent & Board Communication
5. Discussion and possible action on the following consent items:
a. July 23 & August 9, 2018 minutes
b. July Financial Statement
c. Claims
d. Superintendent Expenditures
e. Personnel Report
f. Travel
g. Fundraising
h. Use of Facility
i. Review of all monthly financial reports on all funds
j. Easement Agreement
6. Public Comments
7. Discussion and possible action on Change Order Request Summary #3:
a. Music Room 140- a. Mason Structure reduce CMU wall heights deduct of <$21,539.05 b. OKI additional ceiling and upgrade to a STC 55 rating add $14,755.00 Total Deduct ($6,784.05)
b. Culinary Lab 105- a. Mason Structures Additional CMU add $3,476.55 CMW to pay 50% of the cost to owner $1,738.28
c. Entry Vestibule 147- a. OKI Metal Framing and sheetrock add $993.00 CMW to pay 17.5% of the cost to the owner $173.78
d. Restrooms 206 & 207 a. The Walker Company demo add $603.75 b. Mason Structures infill CMU & Brick add $1,494.88 total add $2,098.63
e. Roof Drain- Donahue Mechanical tie-in total $0.00
f. Existing Roof Drain Overflows- Donahue Mechanical tie-in total $0.00
g. Auditorium- a. OKI credit of (6,123.00)
h. Auditorium / Administrative Technology - a. Cutter-Pulliam Electric conduit, wiring and Data add $4,685.00 b. Eckart DPO add $150.00 Total $4,835.00
8. Discussion and possible action on staffing allocations
9. Discussion and possible action on approving Students Fees/Honesty Bonds for all schools
10. Discussion and possible action to approve LGE-KU 2018 Rate Case Intervention
11. Discussion and possible action on shortened school day/week request
12. Motion to accept a bid for Speech-Language Therapy Services
13. Discussion and possible action to delare items as surplus
14. Motion to go in executive session pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1)(f) Personnel and KRS 61.810 (1)(b) Property
15. Motion to come out of executive session and take any necessary action
16. Other Business
17. Adjourn