Board of Education Special Meeting
April 24, 2018 7:00 PM
Central Office, Annex Building

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1. Call to Order
2. Silent Devotion & Pledge of Allegiance
3. Bath County Memorial Library- book donation
4. Student Spotlight
5. Superintendent & Board Communication
6. Discussion and possible action on the following items:
a. March 19th, April 9th and April 12th, 2018 minutes
b. March Financial Report
c. Claims
d. Superintendent Expenditures
e. Personnel Report
f. Fundraising
g. Use of Facility
h. Travel
i. Pay bills through April 30, 2018
j. Review of all monthly financial reports on all funds
7. Public Comments
8. Discussion and possible action on approving salary schedules for the 2018-19 SY
9. Discussion and possible action on final staffing allocation for all schools for the 2018-19 SY
10. Discussion and possible action on School Resource Officer
11. Discussion and possible action on KDE's Indirect Sheet Calculation
12. Discussion and possible action on District Technology Plan
13. Discussion and possible action on amending 2017-18 school calendar
14. Discussion and possible action on approving 2018-19 Cooperative Membership Agreement with KEDC
15. Discussion and possible action to authorize approval to advertise and accept lowest or best bids for workers compensation insurance, student insurance, property & causality insurance, diesel, gas, elevator service, student and team pictures, school signage, and alarm monitoring services for the 2018-19 schools year
16. Motion to go in executive session pursuant KRS 61.810 (1)(f) personnel
17. Motion to come out of executive session and take any necessary action
18. Adjourn