Livingston County, Kentucky Board of Education Regular Meeting
June 10, 2019 7:00 PM
South Livingston Elementary School- Library,
850 Cutoff Road,
Smithland, KY 42081

1. Call to Order
2. Adopt the Agenda
3. Live RED Report
4. Public Comment
5. Consent Items
a. Minutes of Previous Meetings
b. Payment of General and Title Program Claims
c. Acknowledge Personnel Report
d. School-Wide Fundraisers
e. Travel Requests
I. Student Travel
II. Employee Travel
f. Grant Writer's Report
g. Surplus
h. Commonwealth of Kentucky Contract 730 FRYSC BOE Region 1 SFY20 (C1735)
i. Math Achievement Fund District Assurance 2019-2020
j. Livingston County Bus Garage Inspection Report
k. Approve Contract with Graves County Health Department for School Nursing Services
l. Commonwealth of Kentucky Contract GOEC CECC-Livingston / OAS 4397
m. Commonwealth of Kentucky Contract Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant
n. Professional Development Plans
o. Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form and Contract
p. Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Eligibility Criteria and Pre-Implementation Steps
q. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Community Work Transition Program 2019-20 MOU
r. Commonwealth of Kentucky Contract Locally Operated Career & Technical Ed Center/Department
s. Bond of "Depository" for Pubic Schools Funds with Farmers Bank
t. 2019-2020 MOA with West Kentucky Educational Cooperative for OT/OTA & PT/PTA Services
u. Surety Bond Renewals for Finance Officer, Treasurer, and Payroll
6. Treasurer's Report & Finance UpdateMary Dunning & Jill Duncan
7. Job Descriptions
8. 2019 KSBA Policy & Procedure Update
9. Closed Session pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(k) superintendent evaluation
10. Return to Open Session
11. Actions Related to Closed Session- Superintendent's Evaluation
12. Salary Schedules
13. Tax Assessment Fee
14. Adjournment