Agenda Report

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MISSION: To achieve proficiency through a high quality education for all students in a safe and supportive environment.

Regular Board Meeting
November 18, 2021 6:00 PM
Estill County Board Room as well as being held via teleconference.
253 Main Street
Irvine, Kentucky 40336

I. Call to Order
A. Welcome/Pledge
B. Reminder to Sign In
C. Revisions
II. Recognitions
A. Mountain Movers
III. Facilities/Construction Updates
1. Update
2. Approve Pay Application #27
3. Approve Change Order 4-1-1 Lee Building Products
B. Estill High School Renovation Phase 7
1. Update
2. Approve Pay application #2
C. West Irvine Air Quality Upgrades: ESSER II
1. Consideration/Approval of Pay Application #1 (Final) for the West Irvine Intermediate School ESSER II HVAC Upgrades project BG# 21-244.
2. Consideration/Approval of BG4 for the West Irvine Intermediate School ESSER II HVAC Upgrades project, BG# 21-244.
D. Estill County High School ARP ESSER HVAC Controls Project
1. Consideration/Approval of Construction Documents
E. Estill Co. High School ARP ESSER Stadium Restroom Renovation project
1. Consideration/Approval of initial BG1 for the Estill Co. High School ARP ESSER Stadium Restroom Renovation project
F. Future Projects
1. Consideration/Approval of Owner/Architect Agreements
a. South Irvine Early Childhood Center ARP ESSER Renovation project, BG# 22-176
b. Estill County Middle School ARP ESSER Renovation project, BG# 22-175
c. Estill Springs Elementary School ARP ESSER Phase 2 Renovations & Addition, BG# 22-207
d. District Central Storage Building Demolition project, BG# 22-208
e. Estill Co. High School ARP ESSER Stadium Restroom Renovation, BG# TBD
IV. Action Items
A. Food Service Adult Meal Pricing Increase
V. Consent Items
A. Approve Board Minutes October 21, 2021
B. Approve Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills
C. Estill County Schools FY2022 KETS 1st Offer of Assistance
D. Emergency Teachers Certification
E. Declare Bus Surplus
F. KSBA's First Degree Scholarships
G. BASS team approval of out of state trip.
VI. Superintendent Report
A. Notification of Personnel Actions
B. School Update: Enrollment, Attendance, etc...
C. Finance/HR Systems Work
D. School Funding Task Force Update
E. COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies
F. Covid -19 Guidance Update
VII. Board Forum
VIII. Public Comments
IX. Adjourn