Agenda Report

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Board of Education Regular Meeting
February 10, 2022 7:00 PM
Lloyd High School Library

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Erlanger-Elsmere Schools to embrace and attend to the individual needs of our students, regardless of the obstacles.

I. Call to Order
A. Open Meeting
B. Pledge to the Flag
II. Recognitions
A. Tom Luken
B. Renee Wilson
III. Reports
A. Schools, District Personnel, and Departments
B. Grants Report
C. Student Board Member Report
IV. Individuals Desiring to Speak to the Board
V. Approve January 13, 2022 Special Board Meeting Minutes
VI. Approve January 13, 2022 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
VII. Approve contract with Chad Molley for the position of Superintendent beginning July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2026
VIII. Consent Agenda
A. Authorize Treasurer to pay bills from General Funds and Special Programs
B. Authorize Treasurer to pay February salaries
C. Approve Detailed Monthly Report and Balance Sheet for January 2022 to be posted on the District website for a six-month period (House Bill 154)
D. Approve Student #02102022a Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request for January 19, 2022 - January 26, 2022 per Board Policy 09.123
E. Approve Student #02102022b Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request for January 28, 2022 - January 31, 2022 per Board Policy 09.123
F. Approve Student #02102022c Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request for January 28, 2022 per Board Policy 09.123
G. Approve Student Accident Insurance Premium for 2022-2023
H. Approve & Sign Engagement Letter from Denise Keene, CPA
I. First Reading of revised Policy 03.1326 Staff Dress Code - Certified
J. First Reading of revised Policy 03.2326 Staff Dress Code - Classified
K. Approve Assistant Director of Special Education Job Description
L. Notification of the Superintendent that Bus #7, VIN #4DRBWAAR28A513679, is no longer needed for Public School Purposes
M. Board declares Bus #7, VIN #4DRBWAAR28A513679, as Surplus Property and authorizes the Superintendent to advertise for sale
N. Review and Approve the A1A Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor for Northern Kentucky Head Start - Elsmere Renovations (BG #21-280/REH #365-221)
O. Approve initial BG-1 for Miles, Arnett, Tichenor – HVAC and Generators (REH #127-1121)
IX. Personnel Changes
X. Facility Fundraising Requests
XI. Transportation Report
XII. Adjourn