Agenda Report

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Breathitt County Board of Education Regular Board Meeting
May 19, 2020 5:00 PM
Video Teleconference

Video Teleconference 

Graduates Prepared For College, Career, and Community


Breathitt County Schools will accomplish this vision by:

1.  Putting students FIRST in ALL decision making,

2.  Setting high expectations for student achievement,

3.  Advocating for every child,

4.  Promoting growth for students and staff,

5.  Actively engaging community stakeholders, and

6.  Promoting positive school/community culture.

I. Call to Order.
A. Roll Call
B. Pledge of Allegiance/Mission and Vision
C. Adopt Agenda
II. Presentations/Reports
A. Student Recognitions
1. Class of 2020 Graduates Work Ethics Seal
a. Erica Begley
b. Kaitlyn Barrett
c. Ruthie Haddix
d. Isaiah Davidson
e. Tailynn Haddix
B. Staff Recognitions
1. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Month
C. Reports
1. Superintendent ReportPhillip Watts
III. Student Learning and Support Items Recommended for Approval
1. Consider approval for board members to attend Federal & State Law Update virtual conference June 2, 2020.
2. Consider approval of MOA with EKU for Dual Credit for 2020-2021 school year.
3. Consider approval of the KECSAC MOA for the 2020-2021 school year.
4. Consider approval of the Fidelity Bonds for FY 2021.
1. Consider approval of minutes of previous meetings.
a. April 28, 2020 Regular Meeting
b. May 6, 2020 Special Called Meeting.
2. Consider approval of the April 2020 Treasurer's Report.
3. Consider approval of the May 2020 bills for payment.
4. Consider approval of the FY2021 Tentative Budget.
5. Consider approval of the bank depository bid for the 2020-2021 school year.
6. Consider approval of the Certified Evaluation Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.
7. Consider approval of Breathitt District logo created by VIP Branding and IMPACT.
8. Consider approval of completing and submitting district assurances for GEERS and ESSER with regard to CARES Act.
9. Consider approval to accept letter of interest to hire Tate Hill Jacobs: Architects Inc. for purpose of building a new elementary school.
10. Consider approval of 19 additional calendar days to Allen Construction's Contract, for a revised Substantial Completion date of June 10, 2020.
11. Consider approval of Pay Application #5 in the amount of $109,495.92 for Construction Project BG#19-320, payable to Allen Construction.
12. Consider approval of Direct Purchase Orders, totaling $72,803.33, for Construction Project BG#19-320, payable to individual vendors per invoice, as follows: • PO#0002-2007194, Schiller (Div. 10), $4,556.54 total • PO#0003-2018116, Ferguson Enterprises (Div. 22), $10,778.79 total • PO#0006-2007208, Americana Building Products (Div. 7), $53,730.00 total • PO#0007-2007193, Wells Group (Div. 3), $3,738.00 total
13. Consider approval of Change Order #4, in the amount of $10,982.73, for Construction Project BG#19-320, for Allen Construction’s Sebastian Elementary School Renovation Contract. Requested by Sabrina Oaks, THJ Architect and recommended by Phillip Watts, Superintendent. Change Order #4 includes Proposal Request #009 for a new overhead conduit and 150amp electric service, in lieu of reuse of existing underground conduit for new wiring per original Contract. The existing conduit could not be reused due to inability to remove existing wiring for replacement with new. Reason: Existing conditions.
14. Consider approval in accordance with 02 KAR 4:160 and KRS 45A.380.1, and the approved determination by the Breathitt County Board of Education that emergency conditions exist at the Fairce Woods Coliseum due to fire, may the Breathitt Board of Education move to hire Rising Sun Developing, Inc. as general contractor, subject to negotiated contract and in agreement with recommendations from district representatives regarding fire remediation work. This work is time sensitive and any delay as the result of competitive procedures would prove detrimental to the district and the public.
15. Consider approval of Bubba & Larry's Lawn Care in the bid amount of $200.00 per event for weed eating and mowing school grounds as needed.
16. Consider approval of entering into a contract/resolution authorizing litigation against JUUL and other manufacturers, distributors and sellers of electronic cigarettes and vaping products.
17. Consider approval of entering into a contract/resolution to participate in the opioid litigation.
IV. Consider approval of going into closed session in compliance with KRS 61.810(k) and KRS 156.557(c), for discussion regarding the superintendent's evaluation.
V. Consider approval of returning to open session
VI. Consider approval of Superintendent's Annual Evaluation - Final Discussion and Report.
VII. Personnel Notifications
VIII. Informational Items
A. Communication/Sharing (All Present)
B. Administrative Review of Child Nutrition Program Findings
C. Letter of reference to EDA Coronavirus Aid , Relief, and Economic Security ACT (CARES ACT) Recovery Assistance
D. SBDM approval of VIP Branding for Breathitt High School.
E. School Financial Reports
F. School SBDM Reports
IX. Adjournment