Agenda Report

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Breathitt County Board of Education Regular Board Meeting
January 28, 2020 5:00 PM
Breathitt High School Library

Video Teleconference 

Graduates Prepared For College, Career, and Community


Breathitt County Schools will accomplish this vision by:

1.  Putting students FIRST in ALL decision making,

2.  Setting high expectations for student achievement,

3.  Advocating for every child,

4.  Promoting growth for students and staff,

5.  Actively engaging community stakeholders, and

6.  Promoting positive school/community culture.

I. Call to Order.
A. Roll Call
B. Pledge of Allegiance/Mission and Vision
C. Adopt Agenda
1. ADDENDUM: VI.Consider approval of going into closed session in compliance with KRS 61.810 (C) for the purpose of potential litigation. VII.Consider approval of re-entering into open session.VIII. Action resulting in closed session.
II. Presentations/Reports
A. Board Member Recognitions
1. Ruschelle Hamilton
2. John Hollan
3. Albert Little
4. Anna Morris
5. Rebecca Watkins
B. Slideshow
C. Student Recognitions
1. Regional 6th grade showcase
a. MRC Elementary - Quick Recall 2nd Place and Overall 2nd Place Winner in Showcase.
1. Aaden Strong-Social Studies 3rd Place, Science 5th Place, Quick Recall
2. Cameron Combs-Science 3rd Place, Quick Recall
3. Jacob Neace- Quick Recall
4. Willie Wagers-Math 2nd Place,Composition 5th place,Quick Recall
5. Connor Strong-Math 5th Place
6. Austin Bush-Language Arts 1st Place
7. Mahala Bowling-Composition 2nd Place
b. Sebastian Elementary Quick Recall 3rd Place and Overall 3rd Place.
1. Audrynn Hamilton- 1st Place Social Studies, 3rd Place Arts and Humanities, Quick Recall
2. Wyatt Spencer- Math 4th Place, Quick Recall
3. Blake Gillum- Science 6th Place, Language Arts 5th Place, Quick Recall
4. Aaron David Johnson- Quick Recall
5. Addyson Hall 6th Place Written Composition
2. Breathitt Museum History Bowl- 1st Place MRC.
a. Kylan Combs
b. Kyle Henson
c. Aiden Combs
d. Aaden Strong
3. Breathitt Museum History Bowl 2nd Place Sebastian Elementary
a. Blake Gillum
b. Wyatt Spencer
c. Adam Spencer
4. 2020 KAPOS State Champions in the Elementary Small Division
a. Lily Barnett
b. Kaylie Chapman
c. Addyson Hall
d. Brielle Halsey
e. Audyrnn Hamilton
f. Isabelle Spencer
g. Lily Nunn
h. Kyra Smith
i. Skylar Herald
j. Aubree Chapman
k. Ashtyn Lindon
l. Brinsley Neace
m. Mary Beth Spencer
n. Kelsey Stamper
o. Alexis Turner
p. Tressany Hays
5. BHS Theatre Arts Program
a. Erin Smith
b. Justin Ritchie
c. Jacob Childers
d. James Mann
e. Taylor Smith
f. Breana Lovins
g. Anthony Wells
h. Hayley Oaks
i. Wesley Blanton
j. Andreya Smith
k. Eric Rice
l. Caroline Robinson
m. Nathan Little
n. Brooklyn Burden
o. Catlin Pennington
p. Sherissa Napier
q. Marcus Griffith
r. Brady Coomer
s. Kobi Neace
t. Kaylan Brewer
u. Brandi Maynard
v. Katelyn Sewell
w. Ethan Campbell
x. Katelyn Terry
y. Zyanna Gay
z. Brady White
aa. Derek Newcomb
bb. Parker Miller
cc. Caroline Long
D. Reports
1. Superintendent ReportPhillip Watts
2. Attendance ReportSusan Watts
a. Chronic Absenteeism ReportSusan Watts
3. Turnaround Progress Plan UpdateCharles Davidson
4. Kindergarten Readiness ReportWayne Sizemore
5. Health Services ReportWayne Sizemore
6. Public Comments regarding the School Nutrition and Physical Activity Report Card Issued in November 2019.Tabitha Napier
III. Student Learning and Support Items Recommended for Approval
1. Approval of Property Requests
a. Consider approval of Breathitt Co. KY ASAP and UNITE Coalition facility usage agreement to use Breathitt High School PE Gym/Cafeteria/Library for UNITE Shoot Hoops not Drugs Program on June 16, 2020 contingent upon providing insurance.
b. Consider approval of Breathitt County Extension office facility usage agreement on May 7, 2020 at LBJ for the purpose of Community Expo, contingent upon providing insurance.
2. Consider approval of MOA with University of Cumberlands for the purpose of student teacher placements.
3. Consider approval for Breathitt High School boys basketball overnight trip to Russell and Clinton County on 02/07/2020 and return 02/08/2020.
4. Consider approval of Sebastian Elementary School PTO Invitational Ball Tournament for February 2020 at Sebastian Elementary School GYM.
5. Consider approval of Sebastian Elementary PTO Father/Daughter dance for February 21, 2020.
6. Consider approval of Sebastian Elementary PTO Valentine Grams (Messages with Candy delivered after 2:30) Feb 10-14.
7. Consider approval of Breathitt County ATC Health Care Academy Inter-Local Cooperation revised Agreement.
8. Consider approval of Family Resource and Youth Services Center revised updated Contract Modification for 2020.
9. Consider approval of updated ARC Chairperson Designees for the 2019-2020 school year.
10. Consider approval of the MOA with Family Pharmacy for the Health Service classes at the ATC/BHS.
1. Consider approval of minutes of previous meetings.
a. December 10, 2019 Regular Board Meeting.
b. January 7, 2020 Special Board Meeting.
2. Consider approval of December 2019 Treasurer's Report.
3. Consider approval of the 2020-2021 Draft Budget.
4. Consider approval of the January bills for payment.
5. Consider approval of the revised job description for Technology Integration Specialist II.
6. Consider approval of revised job description for Facility Director/Technology Coordinator to include job duties of Assistant Superintendent at no additional cost to the board.
7. Consider approval of payment and fund transfer in the amount of $5,267.09 from the general fund account to Fund 51 (food service account) for unpaid meal charges that occurred prior to the beginning of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).
8. Consider approval of the 2020-2021 school calendar(first-reading).
9. Consider approval of purchasing cheerleading mats with EZ Flex in the amount of $6,768.10.
10. Consider approval of Breathitt High School senior trip to Florida on April 25-May 1, 2020.
11. Consider approval of creating STLP coaching stipend for Breathitt High School in the amount of $1,500.00.
12. Consider approval of starting KHSAA E-Sports at Breathitt High School with a $2,000 allocation to cover initial cost.
13. Consider approval of creating KHSAA E-Sports Coach position for Breathitt High School and allocate $1,500.00 for the position.
14. Consider approval of School Facilities Construction Commission offer of assistance in the amount of $47,939.00 to be used toward renovation of facilities in approved facility plan.
15. Consider approval of the KY Department of Transportation to stripe Breathitt High School in the amount of $1,018.56.
16. Consider approval of Change Order #002 to Allen Construction’s GC Contract for the Partial Renovation of Sebastian Elementary School, for a total additional cost of $13,897.52. This change order covers the Proposal Request #002 – Additional structure for support of existing rooftop HVAC unit over area of new restrooms, scheduled to remain. Change is due to found conditions within the building.
17. Consider approval to hire Tate Hill Jacobs Architects to complete a feasibility study for a new elementary school.
18. Consider approval of bid in the amount of $7,685.00 with Combs Trucking for drainage work in the Highland-Turner Elementary School parking lot. The drainage work may include rock, fill dirt and pipe, and other materials if necessary.
19. Consider approval of contract with Quicksand Farms for Field Maintenance for the BHS Football Field; Baseball Field and Softball Field.
20. Consider approval of door and window graphics for Sebastian Elementary, Highland-Turner, Marie Roberts-Caney and Breathitt High School up to $11,000.00.
21. Consider approval of construction cost application and approval to pay application #1 to Allen Construction in the amount of $76,673.18.
22. Consider approval of construction cost application and approval to pay Schiller Hardware in the amount of $24,491.05.
23. Consider approval of the updated Bus replacement plan.
24. Consider approval of applying for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2020 Diesel Emission Reduction Act National Grant for school buses.
25. Consider declaring the following buses as surplus Bus #6, #22, #28, #29, #39, #50 and #51.
26. Consider approval of advertising for bids for surplus buses designated in previous item plus bus #5, #16, #7 and #11.
27. Consider approval for emergency certification for employee #4691.
IV. Personnel Notifications
V. Informational Items
A. Communication/Sharing (All Present)
B. School Financial Reports
C. School SBDM Reports
VI. Consider approval of going into closed session in compliance with KRS 61.810 (C) for the purpose of potential litigation.
VII. Consider approval of re-entering into open session.
VIII. Action resulting in closed session.
IX. Adjournment