Agenda Report

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Walton-Verona Board of Education

Board of Education Regular Meeting

February 25, 2021 7:00 PM
Walton-Verona High School
MS/HS Commons
30 School Road
Walton, KY 41094

I. Routine Business
A. Call to Order
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Roll Call
D. Approval of the Agenda
II. Informational Items
A. Spotlight Report - Walton City Council
B. Principals/ECC/Bridge Report
C. Construction Report
D. Participation/Enrollment Report
E. Personnel
F. Superintendent's Expense Report - January 2021
G. Other
H. Audience of Citizens
III. Recommended Board Motions
A. Approval of the Minutes
B. Approval of the Treasurer's Report
C. Approval of the Orders of the Treasurer (bills)
D. Approval of Amendment to the 2020-2021 School Calendar
E. Approval of Equipment Purchase from Spectrum Enterprises for ERate Fiber Connections
F. Approval of the Walton-Verona/Gallatin County School District Boundary Lines
G. Approval of 2021-2022 Student Accident Insurance Policy – Plan 4 Scheduled Benefit Coverage and Catastrophic Coverage for All Students
H. Approval of Intent to Participate in NKCES for 2021-22
I. Approval to Participate in the NKCES English Language Program for 2021-22
J. Approval of Public Hearing Report for Walton-Verona Draft District Facilities Plan
K. Approval of BG4 – WV Early Childhood Center
L. Approval of BG4 – WV Middle School Renovation
M. Approval of BG4 – WVHS Security Vestibule
N. Approval to enter into executive session pursuant to KRS 61.810 (1)(f)
O. Approval to return to open session
P. Adjournment