Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting Boone County Board of Education
October 14, 2021 7:30 PM
Ignite Institute 37 Atlantic Avenue Erlanger, KY 41018 (Meeting location has been changed due to the construction at the regular board meeting site of Ralph Rush Professional Development Center Florence)

Representing and in partnership with our stakeholders, the Boone County School District recognizes that all children can learn and dedicates itself to providing a challenging educational environment that allows each student to achieve to his or her highest potential as a learner and citizen.

A. The National Anthem will be presented on video by the Ryle High School Choir.
A. The Pledge to the Flag will be presented by video of students from Kelly Elementary.
A. Ms. Alaina McKeown will give the Student Board Member Representative report.
A. The board will recognize and congratulate the October 2021 Break the Mold recipient, Mr. Duane Norman, Physical Education Teacher at Burlington Elementary.
B. The board will recognize and congratulate the Boone County Employee Retirees of 2021.
C. Boone County Business Association Golf Outing Check Presentation
D. Congratulations to Jo Anne Pennington of Conner Middle School and Jessica Gels of Rise Academy. Kentucky educators selected as recipients of the 2022 Valvoline Teacher Achievement Awards.
E. Special Recognition to Presenters at Camp Boone, 1st Annual District-wide Virtual Professional Learning Day.
A. The board welcomes the opportunity to hear from the community and inform the board of your views on matters before the board, please keep in mind: • The Board of Education agenda is set and by statute, the board can only discuss the items that are present on the agenda. • The board cannot legally, nor would the board discuss an issue specific to an employee or student in respect to privacy. • Reminder: the meetings are streamed live on Youtube, please be respectful in your comments. • If you have a concern that you would like a response from the administration, feel free to leave your information as directed. • Keep comments to 2 minutes, so that all that wish to speak may speak.
A. Minutes of the regular board meeting of the Regular Meeting September 9, 2021.
B. Special Board Meeting Minutes Tax Hearing Public Forum of August 26, 2021
C. Special Board Meeting Tax Levy Minutes August 26, 2021 7:00 pm
D. September 2, 2021 Board Workshop Strategic Plan Meeting Minutes
E. Bill List
F. Treasurer's Report
G. Leaves of Absence
H. Contract Between Cooper High School and CDW - Government for Adobe Creative Cloud
I. Contract Between Cooper High School and Certiport for Microsoft Office Systems Practice Test
J. Contract Between LSS and Cengage Learning for National Geographic EL Curriculum
K. Contract Between Ignite and KDE for 25% Locally Operated Career & Technical Ed Center/Department
L. Contract Between Camp Ernst Middle School and digiCOACH, Inc. for digiCOACH Site License
M. Contract Between LSS and EC Learn for Consultation Service
N. Contract Between LSS and Easy English News for Newspaper
O. Contract Between Conner Middle School and Generous Genius for Generation Genius Subscription
P. LSS/Elementary and Heggerty for Phonics Curriculum
Q. Contract Between Gray Middle School and KUTA Software for KUTA Software for Math
R. Contract Between Cooper High School and Delta Airlines and Transportation for Field Trip to NYC for Drama Club
S. Contract Between Boone County High School, Conner High School, Cooper High School and Ryle High School with Youscience for Summit Academic Advising Site License
T. Contract Between Thornwilde Elementary School and Pioneer Valley Books for Literacy Footprints
U. Contract Between Goodridge Elementary School and Smekens Education for WebPD
V. Contract Between Special Education and Super Duper for Hearbuilder
W. Contract Between Special Education and Super Duper for Digital Subscription SLP Library
X. Contract Between Special Education and Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss Inc.
Y. Contract Between Collins Elementary School and TCI for Social Studies Alive
Z. Contract Between Conner Middle School and Themes & Variations for MusicPlay
AA. Contract Between Thornwilde Elementary School and Themes & Variations for MusicPlay
BB. Contract Between Special Education and Ultimate SLP for Ultimate SLP
CC. Contract Between Conner Middle School and XtraMath for XtraMath Premium
DD. Contract Between Yealey Elementary School and Savvas Learning for MyView Literacy 2020
EE. Contract Between Collins Elementary School and Read Naturally and Funemics - Phonemic Awareness
FF. Contract between Collins Elementary School and The Math Learning Center for Bridges Intervention
GG. Contract Between Cooper High School and McGraw Hill for ALEKS
HH. Contract Between Ballyshannon Middle School and MidSchoolMath for Math Program
II. Contract Between Ignite and Onshape for Onshape Classroom
JJ. Contract Between Ignite and Applied Educational Systems for Health Center 21 Licenses
KK. Contract Between Yealey Elementary School and Pioneer Valley Books for Literacy Footprints
LL. Contract Between Special Education and Pro-Ed for Reading Milestones
MM. Contract Between Goodridge Elementary and Benchmark Education for Phonics Skill Bags
NN. Contract Between Ockerman Elementary School and BLGC,LLC for Parenting Workshops
OO. Contract between Preschool Achievement Center and Boone County Public Library for the Library Bus Service
PP. Contract between Longbranch Elementary School and BrainPOP for Renewal of School Combo 24/7
QQ. Contract Between Conner Middle School and Breakout EDU for Breakout Platform
RR. Contract Between Yealey Elementary School and Carnegie Learning for Fast ForWord
SS. Bid Award to Exercise & Leisure Equipment Company for Fitness Equipment at RISE Academy
TT. Bid Award to Axis Interior Systems for Carpet Replacement for BOE Office and Conner Middle School
UU. Lease Agreement Between Cooper High School and Millennium Business System/FlexTG Financial Services for Copier Lease and Maintenance Agreement
VV. Contract Between Kelly Elementary School and Lifetouch for 2021-22 School Year Pictures
WW. Contract Between Gray Middle School and Miller Transportation for 8th Grade Trip to Nashville, TN on 4/20/22-4/23/22
XX. Contract Between Gray Middle School and Herff Jones for 2021-22 School Yearbooks
YY. Agreement Between Cooper High School and KYNASP to Host a State Qualifying Archery Tournament between 11/5/21-2/19/22
ZZ. Contract Between Conner Middle School and Calendly for 2021-22 School Year Online Calendar
AAA. Contract Between Conner High School and Receptions for Girls Soccer Banquet on 11/3/21
BBB. Contract Between Boone County High School and TeamSNAP for Online App for Athletics for 2021-22 School Year
CCC. Contract Between Ballyshannon Middle School and Lifetouch for 2021-22 School Yearbooks
DDD. Contract Between Boone County High School and Southwestern Travel Group for Band Field Trip to Virginia Beach on 4/26-4/30/22
EEE. Contract Between Ignite Institute and Survey Monkey for Application Software to Track New Applicants from 10/19/2021-10/18/2022
FFF. Contract Between Conner Middle School and Lifetouch for Yearbooks for 2021-22
GGG. Contract Between Cooper High School and Receptions for Girls Soccer Banquet on 11/8/21
HHH. Contract Between Boone County Schools and SHI International for Microsoft Products
III. Contract Between Ockerman Elementary PTO and Booster Enterprises, Inc. for Boosterthon Program
JJJ. Bus Request From Union Pointe Academy to Boone County Transportation for Bus Rental for Field Trips on 9/20/21, 12/10/21, 2/11/22 and 4/8/22
KKK. Contract Between RISE Academy and Parent Square for Communication Platform
LLL. Contract Between Burlington Elementary PTA and Say Cheese Photo Booth for Fall Event on 10/29/21
MMM. Ryle High School to use Delta Airlines for Transportation to Boston, MA for DECA Conference on 11/18-11/21/2021
NNN. Cooper High School Cheerleaders to use Delta Airlines for Transportation to Orlando Disney for Cheer Competition 2/10-2/15/22
OOO. Memorandum of Understanding for Sheltering and Mass Care Facilities. Due to the safety surrounding this Memorandum for our students and staff in an emergency situation, the Memorandum is confidential and available only to Board Members and Administration for review prior to Board Meeting.
PPP. BG-4 for RA Jones Middle School Mobile Classroom, BG#20-191
QQQ. BG-4 for Boone County High Electric Upgrades, BG#20-116
RRR. BG-4 for Paving 2020, BG#20-261
SSS. BG-4 for Geothermal Upgrades at Camp Ernst Middle and Florence Elementary, BG#20-119
TTT. BG-4 for Kelly Elementary Plumbing Upgrades, BG#20-106
UUU. BG-4 for Conner High HVAC Improvements, BG#19-319
VVV. BG-4 for Boone County High Tuckpointing, BG#20-115
WWW. BG-4 for Roofing 2020 (Boone County, Stephens and Conner Middle School), BG#19-318
XXX. BG-4 for Gym Upgrades at Conner and Ryle High Schools, BG#20-105
YYY. BG-4 for Access Controls, Phase 2, BG#20-200
ZZZ. BG-4 for Ignite Reno Bid Package #1, BG#17-279
AAAA. Revised BG-1 for Access Controls Phase 2, BG#20-200
BBBB. Change Order #13 for Ballyshannon Middle School Proposal 89, BG 15-279
CCCC. Change Order #1 for Concrete Improvements 2021 Ryle High School, BG 21-201
DDDD. Change Order #4 for Turf Fields (OHeil) at Boone and Conner High Schools, BG 20-184
EEEE. Change Order #5 for Boone County High Reno, BG 20-183
FFFF. Change Order #2 for RISE Reno, BG 21-131
GGGG. Change Order #7 for Steeplechase BP#2, BG 19-078
HHHH. Contract Between Burlington Elementary and DJ Michael Anthony Nickol for Fall Event on 10/29/21
IIII. BG-4 for Central Office Fiber Relocation, BG 20-118
JJJJ. Facility Use Agreement with North Pointe Elementary and Danielle and Tricia Tolman for Boone Butterfly Buddies Walk on 10/30/21
KKKK. Contract Between Ignite Institute and DJ Don Emerson for Dance on 11/19/21
LLLL. Bid Award and Revised BG-1 for RA Jones Middle Reno, BG 21-202
MMMM. Sales Campaign October 2021
NNNN. Bid Award to Axis Interior Systems Carpet Replacement for District Office and Conner Middle School
OOOO. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Curriculum for Collins Elementary
PPPP. Boone County High School Use Agreement with Silverlake Swim Facility
QQQQ. Delta Transportation for Field Trip for Ryle High School FBLA Conference in Orlando, Florida November 4-7, 2021
RRRR. LBGTQ Inclusivity Toolkit Demonstration Project
SSSS. MOU with Kelly Elementary School Based Preventive Dental Services and NKY Independent District Health Department
TTTT. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services Licensed Social Workers and counselors for students
UUUU. General Service Agreement between Boone County High Schools' FRYSC's and Askmrreeves College Consulting
VVVV. CPTED-Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Checklist for Boone County High Reno, Phase 2 BG-21-295
WWWW. 2021 -2022 NKCES Membership
XXXX. NCERT Membership 21-22
YYYY. Re-appointment of Board Attorney- Adams Law
A. No Old Business
A. Boone County Schools Wavier Application from Kentucky Department of Education to permit Virtual Learning for K-5
B. Pay Scale Increase for Special Education Para Educators and CSI Route Supplement for Bus Drivers
C. KDE Employee Vaccination Incentive Program and District Match Incentive
D. District Return to School Plan Updated 10-2021
A. Mrs. Krista Decker, LSS Director of Assessment, Assessment and Benchmark Data Update
B. Mr. Eric McArtor, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Operations Update
C. Dr. Jim Detwiler, Deputy Superintendent of Academics, LSS Update.
A. Human Resource Actions
B. Worker's Compensation Claims
C. Overtime Report
D. Construction Status Report
E. Energy Management Report
A. No closed session