Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting Boone County Board of Education
August 12, 2021 7:30 PM
Ignite Institute
37 Atlantic Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018
(Meeting location has been changed due to the construction at the regular board meeting site of Ralph Rush Professional Development Center
(This is a change in normal location due to construction at Ralph Rush Development Center)

Representing and in partnership with our stakeholders, the Boone County School District recognizes that all children can learn and dedicates itself to providing a challenging educational environment that allows each student to achieve to his or her highest potential as a learner and citizen.

A. The Pledge to the Flag will be led by Dr. Maria Brown, Chairperson.
III. STUDENT BOARD REPRESENTATIVE REPORT - The 21-22 Student board member, Ms. Alaina McKeown, will take the Oath of Office given by the Honorable Judge James Schrand.
A. CIPL Graduates Recognized
B. New Administrators for 21-22 Recognized
A. The board welcomes the opportunity to hear from the community and inform the board of your views on matters before the board, please keep in mind: • The Board of Education agenda is set and by statue, the board can only discuss the items that are present on the agenda. • The board cannot legally, nor would the board discuss an issue specific to an employee or student in respect to privacy. • Reminder: the meetings are streamed live on Youtube, please be respectful in your comments. • If you have a concern that you would like a response from the administration, feel free to leave your information as directed. • Keep comments to 2 minutes, so that all that wish to speak may speak.
A. Minutes of the regular board meeting of July 15, 2021.
B. July 8, 2021 Special Meeting Board Vote on New Board Member Minutes
C. Bill List
D. Treasurer's Report
E. Leaves of Absence
F. Contract Between Goodridge Elementary and Benchmark Education for Reading program for all Grades
G. Contract Between Collins Elementary and BrainPOP for 12-month Unlimited Access Renewal
H. Contract Between Conner Middle School and BrainPOP for 12-month Unlimited Access Renewal
I. Memorandum of Agreement Between LSS - Innovation and Building Industry Assoc. of NKY (BIA) Serving as a Vocational Educational Setting Partner
J. Contract Between Boone County Schools Special Education and Behavioral Intervention and Consulting (Cara Brown) for Individual Behavior Support Services
K. Contract Between Conner High School and Cengage Learning for Access to Learning Materials for Business Classes
L. Memorandum of Understanding Between NKY Makerspace and Citizen Schools, Inc. Mentors Network for Placement for Maker Fellow
M. Agreement Between Ockerman Middle School and CodeCombat, Inc. for Annual Licenses
N. Agreement Between All High Schools/LSS and College Board for Access MyAP
O. Contract Between District Office and KDE for Approval of District Assurances
P. Contract Between Boone County Schools LSS and Edgenuity MyPath Reading and Math Site License and Renaissance Learning Star Integraton Subscription
Q. Contract Between All High Schools/LSS and Edgenuity for Digital Libraries Enhanced CTE Library Add-on Concurrent User
R. Contract between Boone County Schools Special Education and Erin Elfers, BCBA for Individual Behavior Support Services
S. Agreement between Thornwilde Elementary School and ESGI for 12-Month License
T. Agreement Between Ockerman Middle School and Explore Learning for Gizmos
U. Agreement Between Boone County Schools LSS and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for READ 180 Universal
V. Memorandum of Agreement Between Conner High School and Kentucky State University for Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Courses
W. Contract Between Boone County Schools-Special Education and Movin'On LLC for Mobility Services
X. Agreement between Steeplechase Elementary School and Nearpod for Flocabulary
Y. Agreements Between Boone County Schools-LSS and NEWSELA, Inc for NEWSELA ELA, Social Studies, Science and SEL
Z. Agreement Between Collins Elementary School and Savvas Learning for EnVision Math Professional Development Program
AA. Agreement Between Goodridge Elementary School and Savvas Learning for EnVision Math Subscription for Grades K-5
BB. Contract Between Collins Elementary School and Scholastic for Bookflix Subscription Renewal
CC. Contract Between Thornwilde Elementary School and Super Duper Publications for Hearbuilder Online Educator one Year Subscription
DD. Conner High School 2021-22 Textbook Purchasing Plan
EE. Contract Between Boone County Schools-Special Education and Texthelp for Unlimited Read to Write Subscription
FF. Contract Between Boone County Schools-Special Education and The Online Itinerant For Professional Academy 12 Month Membership
GG. Agreement Between Boone County Schools-Human Resources and University of Cincinnati for Student Teachers
HH. Grant Award from WHAS Crusade for Children to Boone County Schools to Improve the Lives of Children with Special Needs
II. Contract Between Boone County Board of Education with Navigate for Annual Renewal of Emergency Preparedness License for all Schools
JJ. Contract Between Ryle High School and Watchfire for Watchfire Data Plan for Marquee
KK. Contract Between Conner High School and Executive Charter for Transportation for Football Game at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, KY
LL. Contract Between Ockerman Middle School and Eduspire Solutions for E-Hallpass Software for 2021-22 School Year
MM. Contract Between Boone County Board of Education and Duke Energy for Grant of Easement for Proposed Electric Facilities for Boone County High School
NN. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Checklist for RA Jones Middle School Add/Reno, BG 21-202
OO. Schematic Design Drawings for Boone County High Reno, Phase 2, BG 21-295
PP. Bidding Documents and BG-3 for RA Jones Middle Add-Reno, BG 21-202
QQ. Change order #6 for Steeplechase Elementary Bid Package 2, BG 19-078
RR. Change Order #1 for RISE Academy Reno, BG 21-131
SS. Change Order #1 - Geothermal Upgrades, BG #21-128
TT. Change Order #4 for Boone County High School Reno, BG 20-183
UU. Change Order #2 for Erpenbeck Elementary Upgrades, BG 20-122
VV. Sales Campaign August 2021
WW. Naming of Conner High School Turf Field
XX. Contract Renewal Between Boone County Schools and Rose Pest Solutions for Integrated Pest Management Services Second Renewal
YY. Application to KDE - Facilities Branch for Reimbursement of School Security per HB352 (2020 Budget Bill)
ZZ. KASA/AASA Membership for 2021-22
AAA. Rotary Club 2021 Bi-Annual Membership for July-December
BBB. NKY Chamber of Commerce 2021-22 Membership
CCC. EdLeader 21 Annual Conference in Indianapolis on October 11-13,2021 for Matt Turner
DDD. Lead Educational Agreement between CHNK And Boone County Schools For Day Treatment Therapeutic Services
EEE. Collaborative Service Agreement between CHNK and The Boone County Schools
FFF. Annual Interagency Agreement between CHNK and The Boone County Schools
GGG. Memorandum Of Agreement Kentucky Educational Collaborative State Agency Children (KECSAC) Fund
HHH. FY 22-Contract And Memorandum Of Agreement For Community Education
III. Agreement between The Dollywood Foundation and Collins Elementary, Ockerman Elementary And Florence Elementary
JJJ. Collaborative Service Agreement Children's Home of NKY/CHNK Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Programming
KKK. KSBA Membership Dues 21-22
LLL. Comprehensive Mental Health Services Bluegrass Behavioral Health- Conner High School FRYCS
MMM. Expanded Collaborative Services Agreement Children's Home of Northern KY/CHNK Behavioral Health Outpatient
A. No Old Business
A. Support of the Council for Better Education, Inc. Resolution
B. Board Policy 08.221 "Grading" Revision-First Reading
A. Human Resource Actions
B. Worker's Compensation Claims
C. Overtime Report
D. Construction Status Report
E. Energy Management Report
A. No closed session