Agenda Report

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Mercer County Board of Education

Regular Meeting
May 21, 2024 5:30 PM
MCES Library

1. Call to Order/Roll CallRandy Phillips
2. Pledge of Allegiance and WelcomeMCES Students
3. Approval of AgendaRandy Phillips
4. Recognitions
5. Public ParticipationRandy Phillips
6. Reports
A. Finance Officer's ReportAmber Minor
B. Personnel ReportChantal Joyce
C. CMTA Energy Savings UpdateJason Volz,
D. Food Service Yearly UpdateChris Minor
E. Principal ReportsNekita Johnson
F. Superintendent's ReportJason Booher
7. Consent AgendaRandy Phillips
A. Board Meeting MinutesRandy Phillips
B. InvoicesAmber Minor
C. Facilities Use RequestRobin Ison-Mercer County Public Library
D. Partial Day Waivers Shanna Hale
E. Surplus Equipment
F. Sealing of Parking Lots RFPWill Carlton
8. Action Items for DiscussionRandy Phillips
A. 2025-2026 Calendar Second ReadingJason Booher
9. Action Items for Roll Call VoteRandy Phillips
A. Job DescriptionsChantal Joyce
B. 2024-25 Tentative BudgetAmber Minor
C. Capital Funds RequestAmber Minor
D. SBDM Carryforward RequestAmber Minor
E. 2024-25 KEDC Membership RenewalAmber Minor
F. 2024-25 CKEC Membership RenewalAmber Minor
G. Furniture for New Mercer Elementary SchoolAmber Minor
10. AdjournmentRandy Phillips