Agenda Report

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Mercer County Board of Education

Regular Meeting
December 12, 2023 5:30 PM
Central Office

1. Call to Order/Roll CallRandy Phillips
2. Pledge of AllegianceJason Booher
3. Approval of AgendaRandy Phillips
4. Recognitions
5. Public ParticipationRandy Phillips
6. Reports
A. Audit ReportStephanie Abell,
White & Company
B. Finance Officer's ReportAmber Minor
C. Attendance/Enrollment ReportEsther Hayslett
D. MCES Principal ReportNekita Johnson
E. Personnel ReportJason Booher
F. Superintendent's ReportJason Booher
7. Consent AgendaRandy Phillips
A. Board Meeting MinutesRandy Phillips
B. InvoicesAmber Minor
C. MCSHS Softball out of State TripRandy Phillips
D. Facilities Use Request
8. Action Items for DiscussionRandy Phillips
A. Policy Update 03.13251 and AP.1-First ReadingChantal Joyce
9. Personnel Leave RequestChantal Joyce
10. Action Items for Roll Call VoteRandy Phillips
A. King Middle School Restroom RenovationBeth Bauer
B. New BG1 FormBeth Bauer
C. RFP for Mercer County Senior High School Cafeteria TablesChris Minor
D. KETS Offer of AssistanceAmber Minor
E. Approval of BG2 and BG3.
F. KDE WaiversBeth Bauer
G. Elementary School Construction DocumentsRossTarrant Architects
11. Enter into Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f)
12. Exit Executive Session
13. Action Related to Executive Session
14. AdjournmentRandy Phillips