Agenda Report

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Mercer County Board of Education

Regular Meeting
November 21, 2023 5:30 PM
Central Office

1. Call to Order/Roll CallRandy Phillips
2. Pledge of AllegianceJason Booher
3. Approval of AgendaRandy Phillips
4. Moment of Silence and Recognition for the Passing of Board Member Larry YeagerRandy Phillips
5. Recognitions
A. KEMI RecognitionKEMI Representative
6. Public ParticipationRandy Phillips
7. Reports
A. Finance Officer's ReportAmber Minor
B. Attendance/Enrollment ReportEsther Hayslett
C. Instruction ReportJason McAllister
D. MCIS Principal ReportJaziel Guerra
E. Personnel ReportJason Booher
F. Superintendent's ReportJason Booher
8. Consent AgendaRandy Phillips
A. Board Meeting MinutesRandy Phillips
B. InvoicesAmber Minor
C. Board Vacancy Jason Booher
D. Surplus BusesRandy Phillips
E. Out of State Travel-KMS Spring TripRandy Phillips
F. ScoreboardsJason Booher
9. Action Items for DiscussionRandy Phillips
A. Dress and Appearance Policy-First ReadingDonald Wayne Smith and Jay Anderson
10. Action Items for Roll Call VoteRandy Phillips
A. Enter into Executive Session Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f) and KRS 61.810(1)(g)Jason Booher
B. Exit Executive SessionJason Booher
C. Action Related to Executive SessionJason Booher
D. Unpaid Leave RequestChantal Joyce
11. AdjournmentRandy Phillips