Agenda Report

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Mercer County Board of Education

Regular Meeting
August 15, 2023 5:30 PM
Central Office

1. Call to Order/Roll CallRandy Phillips
2. Approval of AgendaRandy Phillips
3. Swearing in of Student Board Member
4. Pledge of AllegianceEmily Chunglo
5. Public ParticipationRandy Phillips
6. Reports
A. Finance Officer's ReportAmber Minor
B. Attendance/Enrollment ReportEsther Hayslett
C. Personnel ReportJason Booher
D. Superintendent's ReportJason Booher
7. Consent AgendaRandy Phillips
A. Board Meeting MinutesRandy Phillips
B. InvoicesAmber Minor
C. UK MOARandy Phillips
D. CAFCA MOARandy Phillips
E. Community Sponsorship Approval for Field Trip FundsRandy Phillips
F. Dance Team BoosterRandy Phillips
8. Action Items for DiscussionRandy Phillips
9. Action Items for Roll Call VoteRandy Phillips
A. 2023-24 Tax RatesAmber Minor
B. Approval of Design Development DocumentsBeth Bauer
C. Approval of BG 2Beth Bauer
D. Approval of BG 3Beth Bauer
E. Geothermal Wall TestBeth Bauer
F. Change Order Beth Bauer
G. Flow Test ProposalBeth Bauer
H. KU Easement ApprovalBeth Bauer
I. KU Additional EasementBeth Bauer
J. Superintendent EvaluationRandy Phillips
10. AdjournmentRandy Phillips