Agenda Report

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Mercer County Board of Education

Regular Meeting
May 16, 2023 5:30 PM
Central Office

1. Call to Order/Roll CallRandy Phillips
2. Pledge of AllegianceJason Booher
3. Approval of AgendaRandy Phillips
4. Recognitions
5. Public ParticipationRandy Phillips
6. Reports
A. Finance Officer's ReportAmber Minor
B. Instruction ReportJason McAllister
C. Personnel ReportJason Booher
D. Random Drug Testing ReportDavid Buchanan
E. Superintendent's ReportJason Booher
7. Consent AgendaRandy Phillips
A. Board Meeting MinutesRandy Phillips
B. InvoicesAmber Minor
C. Certified Evaluation PlanJason McAllister
D. Southern Kentucky Migrant Education Program Summer Kick-off at EKUJason Booher
E. MOA ATCJason Booher
8. Action Items for Roll Call VoteRandy Phillips
A. Elementary School ProjectRossTarrant Architects
B. Additional Personal Day-Second ReadingChantal Joyce
C. Positions and Stipend RealignmentChantal Joyce
D. 2023-2024 Tentative BudgetAmber Minor
E. 2023-2024 Salary ScheduleAmber Minor
F. Insurance RenewalsAmber Minor
G. 2022-2023 Salary Schedule UpdateAmber Minor
H. 2023-24 Fidelity Bond Amber Minor
I. Capital Funds RequestAmber Minor
9. AdjournmentRandy Phillips