Agenda Report

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Board of Education Regular Meeting
July 22, 2019 7:00 PM
Central Office, Annex Building

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1. Call to Order
2. Silent Devotion & Pledge of Allegiance
3. Student Spotlight- BCHS Softball Team
4. Superintendent & Board Communication
5. Discussion and possible action on the following items:
a. June 24, 2019 Minutes
b. Claims
c. Superintendent Expenditures
d. Personnel Report
e. Grant
f. Fundraiser
g. Review of all monthly financial report on all funds
h. Pay farmers twice a month for fruit/vegetables for the 2019-20 SY
i. June Financial Report
6. Public Comments
7. Discussion and possible action to approve the Revised Change Order Request Summary #8 as presented
8. Discussion and possible action to approve Change Order #9 for the Bath County High School Renovation and Expansion
a. Secure Vestibule #127 in the amount of $11,364.00
b. Additional HArdware for Doors 109A & 204A in the amount of $4,219.09
c. Additional Monitors at the existing lobby, Concession area, and cafeteria in the amount of $10,160.75
d. New video Matrix in the amount of $22,295.00
e. Additional Data required for the Matrix Switch in the amount of $2,104.64
f. Soffit and Ceiling work at the Lobby and cafeteria Connector in the amount of $6,026.00
9. Discussion and possible action on updating the classified hourly pre-2004 salary schedules
10. Discussion and possible action on approving a 1-year leave of absence for a teacher
11. Discussion and possible action to approve the 2nd reading and review of the 2019-20 KSBA Annual Policy/Procedure updates
12. Discussion and possible action on approving the Annual Financial Report (AFR) for FY19
13. Discussion and possible action on approving transportation cost per mile rate for FY20
14. Discussion and possible action on approving the Memorandum of Agreement between Morehead State University and Bath County School District for the dual credit program for the 2019-20 SY
15. Discussion and possible action to approve Orientation Mobility Services Contact for 2019-20 SY
16. Motion to go in executive session pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(c) pending litigation and pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f) personnel
17. Motion to come out of executive session and take any necessary action
18. Other Business
19. Adjourn