Agenda Report

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Livingston County, Kentucky Board of Education Regular Meeting
March 09, 2020 6:00 PM
North Livingston Elementary School Library
1372 US HWY 60 East,
Burna, KY 42028

1. Call to Order
2. Adopt the Agenda
3. Recognitions - Live RED Recognitions
a. Student(s)
b. Staff
c. Live RED Report
4. FFA Parliamentary Procedures Presentation
5. Public Comment
6. Consent Items
a. Minutes of Previous Meetings
b. Payment of General and Title Program Claims
c. School-Wide Fundraisers
d. Travel Requests
I. Student Travel
7. NLES SBDM Gap Progress Report
8. Treasurer's Report & Finance Update
9. Transportation Report
10. Technology Report and WAN Fiber Bid
11. Personnel Report
12. Agreement for Professional Service with Attorney Roy Massey IV
13. Job Descriptions
14. Surplus
15. Facilities
a. Agreement Between Owner and Architect
b. LCMS Gym Floor Bid Tabulation
c. BG5 Project Close Out for BG20-138
16. 2020-2021 School Calendar
17. COPS Grant/SRO
18. Emerald Therapy Contract Addendum
19. American Fidelity Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan
20. Charter Training Waiver
21. Adjournment