Agenda Report

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Livingston County, Kentucky Board of Education Regular Meeting
October 14, 2019 7:00 PM
South Livingston Elementary School Library,
850 Cutoff Road,
Smithland, KY 42081

1. Call to Order
2. Adopt the Agenda
3. Recognitions - Live RED Recognitions
a. Student(s)
b. Staff
c. Live RED Report
d. Octoberfest and Hunters Moon
4. Public Comment
5. Consent Items
a. Minutes of Previous Meetings
b. Payment of General and Title Program Claims
c. District Use of Property Agreements
d. School-Wide Fundraisers
e. Travel Requests
I. Student Travel
II. Employee Travel
6. Treasurer's Report & Finance UpdateMs. Mary Dunning and Mrs. Jill Duncan
7. Working Budget
8. Kentucky Board of Education Approval of Tax Rates
9. Dental and Vision Plans
10. Technology Report & TARMrs. BJ Fern
11. KPREP ResultsMrs. Amy Ramage,
Chief Education Officer
12. Transportation ReportMrs. Amy Ramage,
Chief Education Officer,
on-behalf of Mrs. Sue Campbell
13. Bus Orders
14. Acknowledge Personnel Report
15. Special Education Teaching Position
16. Part-time Teacher of the Visual Impaired (.2)
17. Job Description for Preschool Instructional Assistant
18. Staffing Allocation Procedures for FY2021
19. Fees for High School Clubs
20. Facilities
a. New Construction
b. Bid Request for LCMS Electrical
21. Non-Resident Contracts/Agreements
22. Commonwealth of Kentucky Contract GOEC CECC
23. Audubon Area Community Services Head Start Program Contract FY2020
24. 2019-2020 Preschool Program Approval from KDE
25. Certification of Head Start Full Utilization
26. District Planning Committee
27. Closed Session pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f)
28. Return to Open Session
29. Adjournment